Tom Bleicher, R.P.I.C.

Owner - CEO

Photography has always been a big part of my life. I've been snapping shots since before I can remember.  As I grew older and drones started to become mainstream, I took an interest in flying and getting that vantage point unavailable anywhere else but the sky! I took a course at Cal Poly Pomona sponsored by FlySpan and that was murder she wrote! Shortly after the course came to a conclusion, I began studying for my Part 107 and a few weeks later, I was a licensed remote pilot. 

Since commercialization, We've done a number of jobs for various producers and directors who've made short films and music videos.  Our latest project, we provided aerial cinematography for a pop superstar, who in just 3 weeks has topped over 1 million views on YouTube. We were also recently hired to fly for a school district with their "start of the year" music video.  We have also completed consulting jobs for the City of Long Beach providing aerial surveys.  Our clients have been very happy with our results. 

Customer service is important to us!  How can we help you?



Crystal Dillard, M.A.

Co-Owner And Operations Manager

For as far back as I can remember, I have been an artist at heart.  I’m a thrill seeker and an adventure taker.  I’ve never been a fan of photos and videos of myself, but always found interest in being behind the camera.  Many years have been spent snapping shots of vacations, landscapes and adventures. Not until recently, with great encouragement from loved ones, have I found a way to share them with the world! In the age of growing technology and social media, I have found pleasure in documenting and sharing some of what our gorgeous world has to offer.

I am that annoying person that must have a window seat on a plane so that I can take in all the wonders of our planet from a perspective not regularly observed, and this is where the world of drones came in!  Drones have provided such a unique way for us to see the world we live in.  This new technology has given a photo geek like me a whole new bag of tricks with endless possibilities for its application.

I am very excited for us to offer some of our talents and services to the greater community. Whether the job is big or small, let us help you with creating something outstanding and unique!