Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium


Aerial Still images are Dynamic and Compelling

Are you a real estate agent looking for the upper hand in selling a home?  Are you the owner of a car or boat and want some unique perspectives?  Do you require incredible images of your business, hotel or property that really help your website with that WOW factor?  Are you looking for fine artwork to hang in your office?  We can help!  With an array of cameras, both terrestrial and aerial, we can do it all.  From 12 megapixels to 36, we can guarantee top notch professional grade photographs in any format of your choice! 

Photography Services Offered

  • Aerial Photography

  • Terrestrial Photography

  • Post-Production using Industry Standard Software

    • Color-Correction

    • Cropping/Framing

    • Tonal Adjustments

    • Sharpening

    • Split-Tones

    • Layer Masking

    • Manipulation*

  • High Dynamic Range (widely used in Real Estate and Advertising)

    • HDRSoft Photomatix Pro for Full Resolution HDR Tiffs

  • RAW Formats to 24-bit

    • Canon

    • Nikon

    • DNG

  • Long-Exposure and Night Photography (No Drones unless Exemption Waiver is Requested - Up to 90 days advance notice required)*

  • Time-Lapse

  • Wide Array of Filters available upon request

    • Neutral Density

    • Circular Polarizing

    • Cooling/Warming

  • Faux 3-Dimensional Cutouts using 2-D Images (Final Product is still 2-D)

  • Full Print Services (Local)

    • Canvas

    • Metal

    • Photo Quality Paper

    • Clothing

    • Items