Aerial Cinematography Gives Unparalleled Perspective

Drones are becoming more and more common in commercials, movies, short films and music videos!  The impact of aerial cinematics makes your media look more professional, providing your viewers with a perspective unobtainable by any other method.  Before UAS became popular, production studios used to have to hire helicopter pilots AND professional cinematographer to accomplish the shot they needed.  This was not only extremely expensive, it also put human life at risk.  Enter drones: where the pilot IS the professional cinematographer!  

Our Capabilities

Our drones are capable of shooting up to 5.2K in ProRes or CinemaDNG*.  We have full control over colorspace, and can shoot in any number of video modes and frame rates.  With our higher end drones, we fly as a 2-person operation which provides crucial benefits to the end product.  By using a 2-person operation, one person can control the flight path, while the other person can control the camera and gimbal.  This ensures incredibly smooth motions and pans for your scene that a one person operation may have trouble with.  We can discuss your requirements during your free consultation to see which UAS platform is right for you!


*Processing in 5.2K in either ProRes or CinemaDNG is hardware intensive, extremely time consuming, and very expensive.  We are currently looking into this technology and look to have it available sometime later this year. Stay tuned!